Karina Perez Aragon
Karina Perez Aragon
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Karina Perez Aragon

Between interior and exterior:
a draft which is intrinsically vague

“The draft: transition from experience to text. An intermediate, crafted stage. Intertwined states of dreaming where the weakened censorship of consciousness allows a unique access to the unconscious, the feeling, the being, and the choice of the final shape.” Julia Kristeva

The paintings of Karina Perez Aragon make me think of what Julia Kristeva writes about the draft of a text; not any text, but Proust and his impressions. According to Kristeva, a draft of the unconscious is intrinsically vague just as the unconscious itself as it is considered an in-between two - neither origin nor purpose, yet it is more within our reach than the elaborate formula.

In her work, Karina Perez Aragon realizes the transition from experience to text. The viewer can enter her work by two different ways. One leading straight to the aesthetic enjoyment: a sort of fascinating enchantment. The other leading to a meditative contemplation, which calls for a reflection based on formulas of balance.

These formulas are in fact the result of an impression; and they appear to embody the artist’s experiences like a draft. They intend to tell the story of a world in cosmic balance: a balance, if you want, between the interior and the exterior of the individual.

I believe that in a moment of reflection like the one created by Karina Perez Aragon, the conflict is bound to appear. And this appearance may be paradigmatic when exterior or interior manifest themselves as something vast and immeasurable, for the notion of the unlimited stirs in everyone the fear of falling deep.

Karina Perez Aragon offers us consolation in light of the frightening abyss. She does so by giving us the possibility of imagining an interior space which is folded upon itself many times but which – at the same time - generates forms of a warm musicality operating in the interstices and moving from silence to whisper.

These works are not about an ordinary interior space and time, but one that is built by listening carefully. What is resounding here? Something very simple but poignant: the echo of a contemplative resonance and the beat of an existence. It is, in short, an existing: possessing, inhabiting and finding oneself in the infinitesimal folds of one’s own interior.

Ana Claudia Garcia
July 2007


Karina Perez Aragon
Karina Perez Aragon